Commercial real estate covers property types including industrial sites, retail outlets, and apartment complexes. The primary element that distinguishes commercial real estate from private real estate is the activity that occurs on the property. On a commercial property, the activity is generally financial or commercial in nature. Commercial real estate transactions are mainly governed by state law. However, federal law often becomes important in areas that affect interstate commerce, environmental regulations and discrimination issues. Other issues such as contracts, mortgages and zoning rules are mostly regulated by state law.  Commercial real estate encompasses more than just the land apportioned for commercial use. Buildings and other items attached to the land could come under the heading of commercial real estate. If you are faced with commercial real estate issues, it is best to consult an attorney for detailed information. A real estate lawyer is an excellent resource for commercial real estate matters. Ownership and utilization of land and buildings raise legal issues for individuals as well as businesses. We provide representation with respect to transactions, negotiations, disputes and related proceedings concerning commercial real estate, land use and zoning. We have experience with major real estate developers, in addition to our work representing clients in other real estate matters.

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